Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Information on G^seu V1.0.1.2

+-+ GTA:SA saveGame ENEX Updater V0.1 Beta1 +-+

-------- by ATHMystikal------------------




NEED .net2 to run this tool

Ok, this is my first tool for gta san andreas. this tool allows you to add new ENEXs and use them in existing savegames. That means you need not start a new game each time you add an ENEX( at least this is what
the tool is meant to do).

I have checked it only on HOODLUM version of the game. and never checked it on savefiles conatining extra burglary ENEXs. Actually it is not in the form to be released as a tool. But need to test it. Thats why i am releasing this beta version.

So as this is meant for testing, I deliberately did not check for any ENEX limits. So you should take care by backing up ur data folder and savefiles. As I said, I did not checked it on savefiles after the burglary mission. because I dont have savefiles after that. But as far as I know, this tool might not work on those savefiles. But I think i can do it within a week or
two. So what I need is some responses about any bug(probably there should be a lot)

How to work with this tool

As this is a beta version, there are a lot of limitations but u can use it.

Before you try to add ENEX, you must run this tool. All ENEX modifications are done through the tool. Otherwise it won't work

Step1: When first run, it will ask you to choose your GTASA installation folder.
Step2: Click on File>Load gta.dat
This will load the gta.dat and display all ipl files in it.

Step3: Open the required savefile to be updated. use File>Open

Step4: now you can start adding new ENEXs.

To add a new ENEX to existing IPL
First select requred file in the IPL Files list. Now all ENEX entries in it will be listed in bottom
Press the ADD button near that list to add new Enex entries. Use Delete to remove selected an ENEX.

To add ENEX into new IPL file
You can add a new ipl file. Choose 'Add new ipl file' and type in file name. Then that file will be added to IPL file list. Select it from that list and add ENEXs as before.
caution: Add new ipl files in subfolders of 'data' only.

To add ENEXs in an existing file
You can add new IPL files created by other tools. Choose 'add Existing IPL File' and select the file. It must be stored in subfolders of 'data'. Then as before you can edit it.

Choose file, select ENEX entry and click Delete button.

You can Remove an IPL file completely also. Choose the file to delete and press 'Remove'. To restore
it back, click 'Restore'(same button).

Note: Even if you remove an IPL file, it is not actually removed. The file will not be physically
deleted.It is just removed from gta.dat(by commenting).

Step5: After you think you are finished press 'Update'. This will modify the ipl files and gta.dat.
But existing savefile is not modified. Instead a new savefile named 'GTASAsf.b' is created and you will be asked where to save it.

Step6: Rename it to a valid savefilename and move it to save folder. Then start GTASA and load this savefile.



! This tool should be run before you add an ENEX. that is you can add ENEX only through this tool.
This is one big limitation.
! Only one savefile can be updated. After updating one savefile, you can again update that one only.
All others become useless.
--But savefiles created after that savefile update can still work
Concider you try to update GTASAsf2.b After the update all other files become useless because they cannot be updated as earlier. But u can use the updated one, and any save after that are useful.
So dont try to update more than one savefile.

Dont worry. this will be fixed in the original release.

! WHEN you finished updating one savefile. Close this tool. It need to start agin to make
another modification

! Works only on savefiles before Burglary mission. But i could fix it in original release

! The UI is a crap. ok that will also be fixed soon.

*********A little attention please********
+If you find a bug or any advice or information. Contact me athmystikal@gmail.com
+I need more information on savefile ENEXs especially the newly created Burglary ENEXs. If any know this,
please help me.

-------------- Beware there could be a lot of bugs.--------------------------------------------------


pdeskobar (is spelling correct??)

A full list will be in original release...

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